This weightloss secret is real

These two ingredients work in conjunction with each other ensuring we lose weight and keep it off.Β Β 

March Favourites – Birchbox, Ipsy & Boxycharm

My biggest favourite item is definitely the PUR Cosmetics eye shadow palette I received from Boxycharm, beautiful colour scheme and the shadows do not flake when applied. I fell in love with this palette instantly.

The best cream for stretch mark ever!! Period!

Hi Guys! It's always a pleasure catching up with my readers. It's 11 pm and I had just took a shower and as I carried out my bedtime routine, I took a look of myself in the mirror and I realised what a far way I have come. At five months postpartum I stood in …

First Ever Beauty box unboxing – Birchbox & Ipsy

So as promised, I am doing my first ever beauty box unboxing and it's here to be read and looked at. I have uploaded a video of my unboxing, feel free to take a look. It's sort of a longer more chatty video but I just couldn't rush something as great as an unboxing. …

Beauty sub review – Ispy Glambag January

Hi Luvs! Welcome to the review of my January Ipsy Glambag items! I recently caught up with you guys on the January review of my Birchbox items, for more info on that, please refer to my previous article. Now, let's talk Ipsy, this subscription never ceases to blow me away, for the month of January …

Beauty sub review – Birchbox January

Hello everyone and welcome to the January review of my Birchbox items. This month was quite a good month and I was quite happy with the items I received. I received a mixture of hair care, skincare and make up items. So with no further ado, let's get into it. First off let's talk about …

Why you still look pregnant long after giving birth – correcting abdominal muscle separation.

Oh what a life changing event is pregnancy and giving birth. Your little bundle of joy is amazing and while parenthood can be challenging at times, it's definitely time to smoothly jump into your body con dresses. But wait, there is one little challenge, you may or may not have worked out but that stomach …

Beauty subscription review – Ipsy December 2017

"it feels like opening up a present to yourself every month"

Should you stay or should you leave your relationship?

If your partner is trying to get you to change who you are, he/she should find someone they are happy with.

14 Ways to be Happy

Psychologists have revealed that in order to be happy, one must choose happiness. Prior to the ever increasing revelations by a growing number of psychologists, it was believed that the more one tries to be happy, the more difficultΒ finding happiness becomes. Now I have to say, I think the latter sounds a bit foolish simply …