Hi there, I am Erica, Content Creator and Online Marketer dedicated to helping businesses grow their online presence.


The time is now more than ever to invest in Content Marketing. Businesses are capitalising on modern ways of marketing. They are throwing traditional marketing and advertising strategies by the wayside.

Having worked in content creation for the past nine years both in traditional and online media, the time has come to share my knowledge.

I have written and published thousands of articles, some baring my name and others not. My articles have been published in local media such are the Stabroek News, St.Lucia News Online,  etc. In the world of online media, my SEO optimised ghostwriting articles were published on sites such as Amazon and the Huffington Post.

Feel free to browse the Blog Page section for articles I have published on this site. I have also created advertising scripts for Piton Beer.  Government agencies in my country, as well as private businesses, have also benefited tremendously from my voiceover talent. Please see the Other Samples page for additional video and writing samples.

Being the holder of a Bachelors in Business Administration and having worked as a Communications Manager has enabled me the ability to shed light on the ways and means of building your business’s online presence through Content Creation and Marketing.

Let me help you grow your business. Contact me, let’s create online engagement and sell your products and services.