The best cream for stretch mark ever!! Period!

Hi Guys! It’s always a pleasure catching up with my readers. It’s 11 pm and I had just took a shower and as I carried out my bedtime routine, I took a look of myself in the mirror and I realised what a far way I have come. At five months postpartum I stood in the mirror very close to my goal of achieving my pre-preganancy body.

While, I have always struggled with my weight prior to pregnancy, it was not my weight that really bothered me postpartum but rather the physical scars of my pregnancy. It’s bitter sweet to be able to look at my son and in turn look at my body and realise what I had done.

I feel like I trumped over many of my greatest fears when I made the decision to bring this beautiful bundle of joy into the world. But, while all this mussy stuff is amazing, I am a self-lover at heart.

I struggled significantly with the possibility of stretch marks during pregnancy. I found out I was pregnant at five weeks and immediately I started using natural products on my stomach with the aim of preventing stretch marks. I did endless research and after applying all I had learned, I was confident there would have been very little no stretch marks after pregnancy.

During my first three months of pregnancy, I used raw Shea Butter and Coconut oil as a preventative measure against stretch marks. While I was eager to maintain my body, I was also concerned for the well-being of my baby – I had cut all cosmetic products out of my skincare and beauty routine for the first three month of my pregnancy. This included the simplest items, such as  the Jergens Hydrating Coconut body Cream  which I love so much.

However,at three months, I started using Palmers stretch mark cream, Palmers tummy butter and Bio Oil, I was so desperate, I would mix all together and things seemed to be running smoothly until month eight. It was at this point that I noticed tiny stretch marks  appearing.

The horror story however, relates to what I saw the morning after I give birth. My stomach was riddled with stretch marks and I felt like I would have been stuck with them for eternity.

The game changer however, was lying on my vanity and I paid it no mind.  The A-Derma Avoine Rhealda cream is the cream I must credit for the drastic improvement  in the appearance of my stretch marks. It took about a month to see noticeably visible results.  I must say however that this cream is not marketed specifically for stretch mark repair but rather for scar tissue repair in general. The makers of this cream state that it repairs, moisturizes and promotes skin remodeling. The instructions are to apply twice daily. It must be noted that this cream is marketed as being made form the natural ingredient Oat and Hyaluronic acid.


A-Derma is made in France and seems not to be readily available elsewhere with the exception for french territories such as Martinique and Guadeloupe. However, I have searched online and found what appears to be the A-Derma on Amazon but the packaging is a bit different so it’s a bit iffy. If you guys have come across this cream please feel free to let me know and give your feedback as to whether it has worked for you.

However, I intend on purchasing my next tube from Amazon for research sake and will provide a feedback when I have completed that tube. However, for those who can get their hands on this cream, whether in France or a french territory, I say, without a doubt, please do not hesitate. You will not regret this buy.

Ps: I do  wish I had started using this cream with the intentions of reviewing it but I didn’t because I had given up any hope that any product would be able to improve the appearance of my stretch marks. Otherwise, I would have taken an earlier picture of the product and a before picture of my stomach. While it must be noted that it has been said many times that no product can completely erase stretch marks and many argue that it is a beautiful reminder  of the miracle that took place; I believe to each his own..



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