First Ever Beauty box unboxing – Birchbox & Ipsy

So as promised, I am doing my first ever beauty box unboxing and it’s here to be read and looked at. I have uploaded a video of my unboxing, feel free to take a look.

It’s sort of a longer more chatty video but I just couldn’t rush something as great as an unboxing. What girl doesn’t like learning about and receiving new beauty, makeup and skincare products? I wanted you guys to be able to get the real deal.

By the way, from now on, you guys ca expect to see a lot more of these videos and articles on aΒ  monthly basis. I love doing this and the more I do it, the more I come to love what I am doing here.

My aim here is to try making your work easier while introducing new products. I am buying these products, trying them out and sharing my first hand experience. It is my hope that this saves a lot of women time and money when it comes to purchasing makeup and skincare products.

Also, I have began to providing links to the items I think are worth investing in…these links will be placed randomly across my blog, sidebar, footer and within articles. So look out for these. You can also click ‘shop my style’ at the sidebar and set alerts for sales on some of my favourite items.

So let’s get into my February products.

First off:

Both Birchbox and Ipsy Glambag were amazing inΒ  the month of February, I loved every single one of my items. The most mysterious was definitely the Blaq body scrub. I got two lip balms and both promise to deliver great result, a purely natural eye cream, eye shadow, blush, hair mist, eye shadow brushes and a perfume sample.

Birchbox Items

Ipsy Glambag items

Thanks for reading guys, until next time…xoxo!















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