Should you stay or should you leave your relationship?

It is paramount to recognise the importance of having a few significant elements as basis for a long-lasting and happy romantic relationship.  Many of us often find ourselves in relationships we are not quite sure of. We ask ourselves the question: Should we stay or should we leave?

However, questioning the future of your relationship is a sure sign that there may be something terribly wrong.

Here are a few pointers that should help you decide whether you want to stay or leave:

Long-term goals – while it is not necessary for both parties to have identical long-term goals, it is necessary for there to be similarities.  For example: couples should agree in areas such as:- where they want to live, whether they would like to have children, what type of house they want to call home etc.

Friendship – The initial stages of a relationship is almost always based on attraction. However, as time progresses and the passion wears off, it is friendship that will see the relationship through.

Communication – A big one! Couples must be able to talk about anything. The sensitivity of any given topic should not be reason enough to pass on a much-needed discussion. To be able to effectively communicate with your partner in a non-accusing manner is key. When you communicate, you should basically be expressing the way you feel about a particular situation or incident without casting blame. Meanwhile, your partner should be simultaneously listening with an open and white silhouette graphic arguing

Compatibility – It is often said that opposites attract but let’s be sensible. If you are going to have a long and fulfilling relationship, you must have something in common. Forever can be a very long time, so there must be activities both persons enjoy doing together other than canoodling and coitus.  

Compromise – even for the most compatible couple on earth, there will be areas of disagreements. This is where compromise plays a key role in sustaining happiness. Couples must meet each other halfway.  

Appreciation – If your partner is trying to get you to change who you are, he/she should find someone they are happy with.

Ultimately, you should be asking yourself these questions:


  • Do you love him/her?
  • Do you see yourself being happy with your partner for the long haul?
  • Is he/she fulfilling at least 50% of what you expect from a partner?
  • Do you trust your partner?
  • Is there mutual respect?


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