14 Ways to be Happy

Psychologists have revealed that in order to be happy, one must choose happiness. Prior to the ever increasing revelations by a growing number of psychologists, it was believed that the more one tries to be happy, the more difficult finding happiness becomes.

Now I have to say, I think the latter sounds a bit foolish simply because I believe we must work to earn what we desire.

Here are 14 ways to happiness I regularly practice:

  1. Never compare yourself to others – Work with what you’ve got. We are all unique, have different desires and the potential to make our desires a reality.
  2. Be decisive – Let small decisions be just that. Don’t spend too much time deciding what to eat or what to wear etc. You don’t need to be stressed by the simplest things in life.
  3. Have a set plan for your life  – Set goals and devise a plan of action. Try finding your purpose in life; this will help you to determine a pathway to achieve the success you desire.
  4.  Accept people for who they are – Never try to change someone.  If you can’t stand the person or certain aspects of their personality, don’t stress about it, just cut them loose. Knowing when to move on is a key element to peace of mind and happiness. Often times, moving on can conserve on stress, frustration and even save a life (especially in the case of an unhappy, toxic or abusive relationship).
  5. It’s okay to cry when you are hurt – Find solace, cry, assess the situation , learn from it, pick yourself up and live you life.
  6. Don’t start drama and don’t be a part of it – Say what you have to say to whom you have to say it to, in the most tactful way you possibly can. Talking behind peoples’ backs is not only a sign of weakness and insecurity but can also add unnecessary complications to your life.
  7. Find your true self – Knowing who you really are is important. Knowing yourself allows you to be the unique person you are meant to be. Accept your flaws, love yourself, set your own trends and just do you.  happiness
  8. Never give up – Always remember everyday poses a new possibility for growth through new opportunities. Think positively ! Remember only you can truly understand your vision. Keep the negative people at bay, you don’t want people around who are going to ruin your positive atmosphere.
  9. Pick your battles wisely – If it’s not happening in your life and doesn’t affect you directly, then it’s probably none of your business.
  10. Remember no one is perfect – Try not to care so much about what others think. Their thoughts are none of your business. What really matters is how you think and feel about yourself.  Since no one is perfect, why should you care what anyone thinks?
  11. Live the moment – Try to enjoy every breathtaking moment. Drop the smart phones ever so often and try to actually be in the moment.
  12. Never run from your problems – Confront your problems and solve them. The less a problem lingers the happier your will be. So solve your problems, pronto! Remember there are always going to be challenges in life and how you deal with them is what defines you.
  13. Give the love, kindness and respect you hope to receive – This one speaks for itself
  14. Love yourself –  Only when you can truly love yourself then you will be truly capable of actually loving others. You have to look out for yourself and be there for yourself. Let’s face it, while some good, genuine and loving people may step into your life ever so often, in the end the only person you can fully rely on is yourself.

That’s all for now. Follow me on https://twitter.com/EricaWillliams  for updates on upcoming articles.

Thanks for reading.


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