When to give him the cooch?

The question has long been “when should she give the cooch?”. There is much speculation and calculated answers coming from various persons in different sections of society.

I have heard, “let him wait three months!” “Oh no, wait until he marries you!” Lets face it, it’s not ancient Rome, no judgement on those who are bent this way, and by no means am  I saying it’s wrong to wait until marriage; after all, it’s your cooch.

But for the more realistic and less conservative gals out there, we all know how times have changed and how hard it is to wait until marriage. So what must we do? Devise a plan on how to keep our integrity and find a husband at some point in our lives,  while remaining true to ourselves without completely a making mess of the cooch?

Let’s face it, this all sounds like hard work, especially since us women have needs and urges too.

Quite frankly, I urge you ladies to stop listening to everyone. I know, you are thinking, is this gal nuts? Wait, wait, hear me out.

Let’s set the ’90 – day rule’ and all that jazz aside for a bit.

For starters, a man waiting three months on your cooch, doesn’t say he isn’t getting it hot and heavy elsewhere as he appears to be waiting patiently on the golden cooch. Because of this fact, a timeline on when you give the cooch doesn’t necessarily guarantee that he is going to be with you, let alone marry you.

Now that we have cleared that up, let’s continue.  Have you ever wondered why one night stands only turn into long lasting Love Affairs  in the movies, while in reality the closest it can get to a relationship is you end up being the girl he calls late at nights ever so often to “hang”?

Ahhh….now we get to the sweet part. Ladies, your most asked question is about to be answered.

Obviously one night is not enough to allow a guy to get to know you on a personal and intimate level, so much so that he is intrigued and wants to know more. Translation;  after he hits the jackpot (cooch) then the urge to chase is gone, he is no longer intrigued. Game Over! Unless, one night is all you are looking for, I suggest you wear a chastity belt until the time is right.

So, this is what you do; you wait until the guy is so comfortable with you that he lets his emotional guard down (to a degree). This means that he shares personal stuff with you (not what he had for lunch more so, the time he stabbed a guy)…just saying but you get the idea. He shares with you, he asks for advice and he confides in you. This is when you give him the cooch.  At this point he obviously trusts and very likely will fall for you, if he hasn’t already.

The time it takes for a guy to get to this level of comfort with a woman depends on a couple of things. Depending on the individuals involved, this can take as little as a few weeks to a month or longer.  From here on, the ball continues to roll.

Check my blog weekly for more interesting posts. My next post will pick up from where we left off.  Later Guys and Gals.


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